Miotiq and TagoIO, two innovative software companies in the IoT industry, have completed building compatibility to enhance their respective offerings, providing more accessible solutions to anyone wanting to launch a project that uses mobile IoT.

Miotiq is a well-established player in the IoT landscape, offering end2end connectivity and a powerful IoT integration platform to simplify and enhance cellular IoT. Our platform operates as a middleware between devices and endpoints, all built upon a robust and scalable architecture. Simply put, if you want to get data from a sensor to your application, Miotiq makes that easy, reliable, and safe. The unique functionality of Miotiq is enhancing communication reliability of a mobile operator’s service and allowing faster device recovery in case of an incident.

TagoIO creates value from that data with powerful processing and convenient dashboards. A comprehensive IoT cloud platform that transforms the way businesses create value from connected products and user interactions. With a focus on ease of use and scalability, TagoIO offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing devices, data, users, analytics, and integration, enabling businesses to build and deploy IoT solutions quickly and efficiently.

Miotiq and TagoIO have worked closely together to develop and deliver integrated solutions that combine the strengths of both platforms. This collaboration will enable customers to enjoy the advantages of Miotiq's connection reliability, paired with Tago.io data handling and dashboards.

How Miotiq and TagoIO fit into an IoT solution. One of our hardware partners can fill in the remaining bit!

Using Miotiq with TagoIO couldn’t be easier. You can simply select Miotiq as a connector in your TagoIO project, create the devices you need, then go to Miotiq and point your devices to TagoIO. An incredibly powerful combination of tools set up in moments.

The strategic collaboration between Miotiq and TagoIO marks a significant step in the evolution of the IoT industry. By combining our complementary strengths and expertise, we are poised to transform the way businesses operate and interact with their environments. Both Miotiq and TagoIO are committed to providing first-class customer support and fostering strong partnerships to drive innovation in the IoT industry. 

The benefit for customers is clear: seamless linkage between your devices and a powerful presentation of data, whether for end users or business analytics. For anyone who wants to avoid vendor lock-in, save time on development, and operate devices as efficiently and securely as possible, it's a clear choice. Furthermore, with the combined expertise of Miotiq and TagoIO at hand, projects can be run more efficiently and with far lower risk.

Stay tuned for updates and developments from Miotiq and TagoIO as we embark on this exciting journey together. For more information, visit our respective websites at https://www.miotiq.com and https://tago.io.

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