At Miotiq we're focused on being the best NB-IoT middleware available.

Our business model is based on working together with amazing network operators, hardware producers, solution providers, and systems integrators.

Get in touch with us to make our businesses better together!

How we work together

We're partnered with over 100 hardware producers, integrators & application providers to get IoT projects sorted quickly and easily. We can help connect you to the right people to get the best results.

Network operators

Network operators are fundamental to the standardised radio technology that makes up NB-IoT and LTE-M. We partner with a variety of network operators to provide almost global connectivity options.

Hardware producers

Every IoT solution needs appropriate hardware, and because we provide connectivity to the SIM level, it's really helpful for us to have a close relationship with companies producing hardware for a variety of usecases.

Solution providers & System integrators

We love working with solution providers / system integrators to help launch or scale an IoT project smoothly. We provide the most secure connectivity end-to-end (including sim) or as PaaS for partners with their own APN. By handling the tricky bits of IoT connectivity, all you need to do is connect what you're working on to a super easy REST API endpoint.

If you're looking for a reliable LowPower solution based on NB-IoT and LTE-M, get in touch!

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