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why is miotiq unique?

miotiq is the only NB-IoT integration platform in a real operation where sensors or other NB-IoT devices are providing data to applications including 2 layer billing, backup and sophisticated logic over data transport. It is already directly connected to NB-IoT networks – connect your device or service within minutes!


miotiq provides all parties with a smart and simple way to use management tools and API’s for connecting, monitoring, transforming, transferring, analyzing and delivering data from IoT devices to end users (end-to-end).


Easily connect miotiq to your IoT hub (Azure, AWS, Google…) or directly to your application. NB-IoT network is already connected. It is a B2B tool, it is available as a service without CAPEX requirements and it is available NOW!


Because miotiq is built and operated on the most reliable technologies.

Because miotiq is extremely efficient with a superb value for money ratio.

Because miotiq is exceptional!

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